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Dear XXX,

I know you know that the European Commissions’ taxonomy is greenwashing.

Nuclear energy is unreliable, expensive, dangerous and slow to install. Gas is finite, destructive, and contributes to the problem that the Commission claims to want to solve. Experts and people across Europe all depend on you to stop this destructive taxonomy.

1. Consequences of the expansion of nuclear power:

  • More uranium extraction, therefore neocolonialism and health issues for miners
  • Dangerous radioactive waste that needs to be maintained for more than 200,000 years
  • Increased chance of catastrophes like Fukushima or Chernobyl, made more likely by climate change itself
  • States and terrorists may weaponise radioactive material
  • Delay in the transition towards renewables
  • Cost of billions of Euros for Europeans

2. Consequences of the expansion of gas power:

  • Average temperature rises on Earth of more than 2.0 degrees, leading to:
    • Millions of climate refugees
    • Rise in sea levels
    • Extreme weather phenomena such as hurricanes and floods
    • Mass extinction

Want to know how to achieve a green transition without nuclear and gas power? Take a look at DiEM25’s Green New Deal for Europe. You have the vote. Don’t add a final nail to the coffin of our planet. Don’t paint it green – make it green! Learn more: